Art Gallery

 Recent significant changes appeared globally and personally with such a dramatic force of energy opening multiverseal portals that I blindly stumbled into the 5th Dimensional realm of Light and Love through the mediums of acrylic painting and wood carving.  Previously my artistic endeavors were of a more auditory nature, some decidedly louder than others.  With the birth of my children and their subsequent early bedtimes a gentler creative outlet became necessity.  Visual Art and Music being siblings from the same Cosmic Source, bridging the two forms draws upon similar divergent thinking required to objectively pursue a “finished” work and proves far easier than getting two young brothers to agree.

Here is a sampling of my work. Thanks for visiting. Please contact me for prices, commissions, questions, comments, concerns, or hallucinations.


 Acrylic painting manifested as more of a surprise, almost a celestial download when several larger canvases appeared from a church rummage sale and dared someone to take the raw stuff of chaos and form viscus thought ichor into shape and color – defining people, places, and things be they real or surreal.  It has proven to be a less strenuous form of creation, an excellent source of solace on cold winter evenings and a deeper engagement into the unexplored borders of my spiritual, mental and physical worlds. Through the Visual Artists, one sees Life differently. The Sages say: “I am you and what I see is me.”   Someday we can walk our road together with the Eyes, Ears, Heart and Mind united in a single perfect sphere.


     My initial foray into the beaux arts came in the form of woodcraft.  Working through a carving is often a sensuous labor of fluid strokes removing gentle slivers, and other times a battle of wills betwixt the artist and the physical properties of Nature itself, with the later often claiming victory.  Gouges, knives, chisels, rasps, files, hot irons, blood, sweat and a healthy dose of elbow grease tortuously ply the chips, slices, chunks and splinters to transform a mere board into a living canvas as our ancestors have done for Millenia. The efficiency with which a piece can be both form and functional impresses me as a testament to the craft’s noble history.